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Riding a Bike

I remember when I got my first bike. ? put the box with the ? in the front porch. My mom was washing the dishes. I was six years old. The bike was big and didn’t have training wheels. I was happy and sad. My father tried to teach me, but soon we all gave up. 

I was nine years old when we took that bike out of the box again. I was taller and had mature a little more. It was still difficult. I didn’t have good balance. But thanks to my mom’s patience, I learned to ride it. 

When I was 17, I had come back from boarding school. I got a job and needed to ride a bike to get to work. I got a fixed gear bike. I was always afraid of going over  high wooden bridges (I am still afraid, specially if they move), tall hills and anything else that involves speed and altitude.  But I used it on a daily basis.


When I got to the US, I started to ride bikes to go to school. The difficult days were the icy/snowy days.  But, it was faster to ride than walk.  Not having a car, too cold, too hot, too far, busy stress and feeling tired were not an excuse to miss school or work. 

Today, I ride the bike for fun. First day on the mountain bike trail was tough but I was open to learn. I am still learning.  I still have fears but each day is a chance to improve. 


A few lessons I have learned and they can be applied in different areas in our lives:  

  • Each terrain has its challenges. 
  • Each type of bike is different.  
  • You don’t learn all at once.  
  • Don’t judge others, you don’t know their background or past challenges. 

Our Spiritual life is not different. We all have different challenges and temptations. We don’t leaned everything at once. God teaches us step by step. As we conquer one mountain , He gives strength for us to clime a bigger one. If we are falling too fast and too deep, let’s cry out to Him. Finally, let’s not compare ourselves to others. Since we all have different backgrounds and challenges, our  relationship with God will be in different stages too. Remember to trust in God and follow Him! 


Proverbs 10:17, HCSM The one who follows instruction is on the path to life, but the one who rejects correction goes astray.


Week meditation...

j "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11



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